What is Betzest Affiliates program?
Betzest Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Betzest.com. Our brand offer Sportsbook and Casino products.

Why join?
Betzest Affiliates gives you an opportunity to promote a cutting edge affiliate program, powered by NetRefer, the prominent Affiliate Software Provider. It offers complete, user-friendly and trusted affiliate marketing tools along with clear and transparent reporting to keep affiliates up to date with their stats and earnings. Betzest Affiliates program differentiates itself for being established, stable, credible, generous, and loyal.

If you have a website, online forum, community or even an offline marketing presence, you can:
• Join the affiliate program for free;
• Advertise Betzest Affiliates Sportsbook, Live Betting, Casino, Live casino, Virtual Sports and E-sports products;
• Earn from the activity of the players you refer with zero risk.

Will it cost anything to join?
It’s absolutely free and you will have all the support and marketing materials you need to get started!

How do I sign up as an affiliate?
Just click on “Join US” button at the top, complete a short registration form, read and accept our Terms and Conditions. Each application is reviewed individually within one working day and if approved, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then login to your Betzest Affiliates account and choose from the variety of banners or just create your own text link in a few seconds. Place our marketing materials on your website and earn a percentage of the referred players’ revenue with no negative carry over. It’s an easy way to generate extra profit and content for your website.

How does it work?
When you join Betzest Affiliates affiliate program, you will be given a unique ID for every website you set up in your account.  This will determine your unique tracking code for the links you use on your website, allowing us to track and differentiate all of your customers and their registration channel. You can earn revenue share commission from the losses of your referred customers, generated on any products you chose to promote.

Do I need to have a website to join?
Yes. To become an affiliate with Betzest Affiliates affiliate program, we must be able to view your website and investigate through which methods you can drive us the traffic. However, we are flexible and can make an exception for offline affiliates willing to promote our partner program via offline marketing channels.

I operate more than one website. Can I promote the products and brands on each?
Yes. You can have multiple sites registered under a single affiliate account. Your Betzest Affiliates affiliate account allows tracking the performance of each of your sites separately. We are also able to offer you different commission plans per website aimed to help you maximize earnings depending on the nature and content of your site. One aggregate payment will be issued monthly based on all your marketing efforts.

Why might I not be accepted as an affiliate?
Every application is reviewed carefully prior to acceptance. Betzest Affiliates will treat all applications with good faith, but reserves the right to refuse any application at its absolute discretion.

How do I earn commission?
Any of the marketing materials obtained from your Betzest Affiliates account contains your unique tracking code. Every time a visitor of your website clicks on one of your links, registers as a player, makes a deposit and plays on our brand Betzest.com and products that you promote, you will earn revenue share commission of the player’s losses.

What is your commission structure?
Our default commission structure is tiered revenue share with extra revenue percentage offered based on the number of new depositing customers you refer to our brands. The more customers you send, the more revenue you can earn. The revenue share is based on the Net Revenue that your players produce each month and the bonus revenue commission is based on how many new depositing players you will recommend in a calendar month. Betzest Affiliates offer one of the most competitive commission structures to be found. You can earn anywhere between 25% and 50% revenue share with no negative carry over depending on how many depositing players you refer each month to Betzest Affiliates.

Can I be rewarded in different plan than Revenue Share model?
Yes, at Betzest Affiliates we are flexible and willing to collaborate. Should you wish to work with a CPA, Hybrid, PPC, etc. commission model, we are happy to discuss this so please contact us at [email protected]

Is there a maximum to how much I can earn?
No. There is no limit.

How can I keep track of my earnings?
When you log in to your Betzest Affiliates account, you can access detailed reports that are updated in daily basis. These provide you with vital statistics on views, clicks, customer registrations, generated revenue, media performance and commission earned. Or simply have a quick account overview right at your finger tips – at the home page of your affiliate account.

What happens if my affiliate account shows negative net earnings?
Negative earnings will be zeroed at the beginning of each month and will therefore not affect your future earnings, unless incurred by chargebacks or other fraudulent activities.

What is a chargeback?
A chargeback occurs when a depositing player requests a refund from their credit card issuing company after they have deposited money, and in few cases, have wagered that money.

How do I get paid?
Betzest Affiliates transfer your commission to your requested payment method within the first week of each month. Minimum payout value is €100; if your commission is under, this amount is transferred to the next month until you reach the payout limit.

What payment methods can I choose?

• Bank wire
• Skrill

• Neteller

Where do I find the marketing tools to promote Betzest Affiliates on my website?
Betzest Affiliates offer a vast selection of banners, advanced widgets, text links and related marketing tools that you can use to promote Sportsbook and Casino products for Betzest.com. Login to your Betzest Affiliates account and choose “Media Gallery” to see the variety of banners, landing pages, advanced widgets, mailers, direct links, XML feed odds etc.

How the players that I refer are tracked to my account?

Each banner or text link code that you obtained from your Betzest Affiliates affiliate account is embedded with your personal affiliate tracking code. When players you refer visits Betzest.com for the first time, a unique code is generated and captured by a cookie that is stored on their computer when they signup. Any further activity generated by this player will then be registered and allocated to that specific player referred from your tracking link, thus you will be credited for all net income generated by the player.

Will I be kept informed of the latest player and affiliate promotions?

If you choose to join our mailing list, you will receive an affiliate newsletter detailing player and affiliate promotions.  Keep your website up-to-date with our latest promotions and incentives.  This will increase the attraction of your webpage.

I forgot the password I registered with. How do I get it?

Please follow the Forgot password link on Betzest Affiliates login page and enter the email address you signed up with. You will receive an e-mail with your password.

How do I change my account information?
Once you have been accepted as an affiliate, you will be given access to your Betzest Affiliates account. Your account information can be modified in the My Account >> Account Details section.

How often can I run the reports?
As often as you wish. The figures in the Reports section of your affiliate account are updated daily, also views and clicks data is refreshed in real time.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, comments or suggestions regarding Betzest Affiliates program, do not hesitate contacting us at: [email protected]

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